5 Reasons Cosmetic Injectables are Hugely Popular

Jan 12, 2023
5 Reasons Cosmetic Injectables are Hugely Popular
You’ve been dying to know what all the buzz is about and whether cosmetic injectables are as great as everyone says. Keep reading to get an expert’s take on the cosmetic treatments that are taking the world by storm.

Your friends and social media feeds rave about cosmetic injectables, but you don’t want to put your face into the hands of influencers. You want to know if cosmetic injectables live up to the hype, and that’s where we come in. 

Rebecca White, MBA, MSN, RN, has years of experience performing these popular treatments in Houston and Channelview, Texas, and can tell you exactly what to expect. Here, she highlights a few reasons cosmetic injectables are as good as everyone says they are. 

A closer look

Injectables is an umbrella term we use to describe a wide range of cosmetic treatments that we inject under your skin to reduce the signs of aging and give you a younger-looking appearance. Here at Becky Does Botox, we offer two main types of injectables: neurotoxins and fillers.


One of the most popular neurotoxins goes by the name Botox®, the brand name of the neurotoxin onabotulinumtoxinA, which creates a temporary paralytic effect when we inject it. 

With your muscles temporarily paralyzed, your face no longer contracts, limiting the development of lines and dynamic wrinkles. 


Fillers also address lines and wrinkles, but they do it by plumping up the saggy areas of your face to tighten your skin and make you look younger. 

But a youthful glow isn’t the only thing these anti-aging powerhouses have to offer. Here are some other reasons you should consider them. 

1. Minimally invasive

Rather than incisions and sutures, injectables do the work of a facelift with super-thin needles. As a result, the procedures don’t require a scalpel or anesthesia.

2. Minimal downtime

Chemical peels, PDO thread lifts, and other facial treatments often require a recovery period — to say nothing of the recuperation needed after a surgical facelift. Injectables are different. 

Though you may have a bit of tenderness, swelling, or redness at the injection site, you can go straight from our office back to your routine. Any side effects you develop usually go away within a day or two. 

3. In-and-out procedures

Since there’s little to do before and after your treatment, the entire process usually takes under an hour. Some of our clients even schedule their appointments during their lunch breaks. 

4. Fast results

Most injectable treatments produce immediate results, or the effects develop quickly in the first few days after the swelling subsides. As a bonus, the positive effects of injectable treatments last a long time too. Botox can last up to four months, and the effects of fillers can stick around for anywhere from 6-24 months. 

5. No scarring

Scarring is unavoidable if you opt for a face-lift or other cosmetic surgery. But with injectables, you can sidestep the scarring. We use small needles that don’t damage your skin or leave scarring behind. Injectables might be right for you if you want to deal with your skin issues without telling the whole world. 

Ready to dive into the world of injectables? We’d love to help find the best option to get you started. Call or click to schedule an appointment with our expert today.